BQFF 2018 holds a spectacular lineup of films from all around the world in store for you, and two special performances. Grab space on the gallery, the chairs, the mattresses, the floors, the walls, and get ready for a #wazak ride at the festival! BQFF is not only about films but also provides space for queer artists, performers and photographers to share their work, so keep an eye out for Shiva, our opening night performance and the official BQFF party with The Black Mamba (featuring Natasha Mendonca and Suman Sridhar).

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Watch out for our three specially curated packages. One set of films brought to us by GI / MMB, including our Saturday night Centrepiece, Ein Weg (Paths), comes from the prestigious Berlinale festival in Germany. Another package of LGBT shorts from the UK is brought to us by a British Council international touring programme in association with BFI Flare. For the second time in our history, BQFF is collaborating the film curator and archivist Thomas Waugh, founder-director of the Queer Media Database Canada-Québec. He will introduce and screen a package called “I Confess”, autobiographical shorts from the Canadian Queer Film Archive.

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BQFF opens on 8th March, with a special performance of Shiva. 7.30p.m. Shoonya, Lalbagh Road.Don't miss the Official BQFF party! 9.30p.m. Primal, Koramangala.

Shiva traces the story of a young poet, Shiv, and his journey of opening up to his mother about his sexuality through a series of letters and poems. In form, Shiva is a confluence of Bharatanatyam, Carnatic music and realistic storytelling.

Catch the Black Mamba Live Electro DUO SET, featuring Suman Sridhar & Natasha Mendonca at the BQFF party on Saturday. The set comprises original songs and a few covers that touch on themes of women's empowerment, public safety, ecofeminism, interspersed with slam poetry that conceptually binds the show, fusing Afro-Indian grooves, cascading operatic harmonies and electronic beats.

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BQFF2018 would simply not be possible without the support of our fantastic partners the Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan as well as our organising partner, All Sorts of Queer (ASQ), and Shoonya, our venue partner for Shiva.We were very excited to screen two packages of films made possible by Berlinale Spotlight, Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan, BFI Flare and the British Council our film partners this year.This we're also happy to have sponsors for 2018: Black Baza Coffee and InnerSight, both of which work in aid of communities that need support.And most importantly, all our generous and loving donors without whom the festival would only be a pipe dream.